FBDIMM Unleashing Server Memory Capacity

Engineered for servers, fully buffered DIMMs (FBDIMMs) increase speed, capacity, and reliability. FBDIMM is the hottest new technology out of JEDEC.*

Get the facts about FBDIMMs firsthand from Micron's team of experts—chief design managers who played a critical role in leading several JEDEC task groups in the standardization effort. From their unique vantage point, you will hear about all aspects of this high-performance server memory solution and find out what FBDIMMs can do for your servers.

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Roy Greeff, Micron Technology, Inc.
JEDEC Signaling Task Group Lead

Roy GreeffMr. Greeff is Signal Integrity Group Manager for Micron Technology's Systems Memory Group. He is responsible for the signal integrity of future memory systems and the DRAM standards required for I/O specifications. Mr. Greeff has more than 25 years of radio frequency and communications experience and is listed as an inventor on various patents associated with microwave communications, RFID, and memory systems.

Joe Jeddeloh, Micron Technology, Inc.
JEDEC Protocol Task Group Lead

Joe JeddelohAs General Manager of Advanced Systems Technology, Mr. Jeddeloh is responsible for memory interfacing products and system design for Micron Technology. He is listed as an inventor on more than 70 patents in the area of memory system design.

George Pax, Micron Technology, Inc.
JEDEC Module Design Task Group Lead

George PaxAs the manager responsible for the development of future memory technologies at Micron Technology, Mr. Pax attends JEDEC meetings and oversees the design of prototype hardware to test different technologies. He is listed as an inventor on a total of 34 DRAM- and RFID-related patents.


Kevin Kilbuck, Micron Technology, Inc.
Advanced Server Segment Marketing Manager

Kevin KilbuckMr. Kilbuck is Strategic Marketing Manager for Micron Technology's Systems Memory Group. His current responsibilities focus on the development of memory products and enabling activities for high-performance computing applications. He has more than 17 years of experience in the areas of applications engineering and marketing for memory products.

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*JEDEC has not yet adopted and published a final FBDIMM standard.

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